I was lucky enough to have been outside the delivery room when Brooke Nicole Ramsdell was born 7/21/93. I knew the minute she came into this world she would change my life, little did I know how much. Brooke was not just my niece but my friend and daughter I never had.

Brooke would love to come and visit me in the big city of Watertown Ma. It was really a city to Brooke being raised in a very small town in Northern NH.  We would spend hours at the Natick or Burlington Mall, I would always try to find her in the Abercrombie store, I would ask her “Why is it so dark and loud in here?”  She would shake her head and say Susie! We would enjoy getting manicures and pedicures, foot reflexology, getting Chinese food and just watching movies together! I still look at the empty chair she use to sit in and picture her enjoying the simple life.

Brooke lit up every room she came into. Her laugh was truly contagious. She had a spirit to never give up and love life no matter what is dealt to you. Brooke could relate to anyone about anything! Doctors, nurses, teachers , administrators, adults, children and dogs!

We definitely shared our love for dogs. Dogs were drawn to Brooke, she could communicate with them without saying a word! We would have a friendly competition as to whose dog was better looking, her dog or my dog Brady! We would ask other family members at gatherings and they knew to say they are both handsome!

Brooke got a dog while she was sick, Bentley is a mix of a old English boxer and I think Mastiff judging the size of his head! Brooke would text me pictures of  them snuggling and sharing food! He was always there for her in good and bad times. They always shared a connection of knowing what each other needed ! After Brooke passed away my thoughts were often of Bentley, hoping he knew she was safe and at peace.

A year after Brooke’s passing I needed to re-direct my grief into something that made me happy. I started baking dog cookies for my dog Brady, making these cookies became very therapeutic to me and I had the thought to share the joy of baking these with other dog owners. I reached out to the Waltham Farmers Market and asked if I could become a vendor. They welcomed me with open arms and 5 years later I’m happy to be part of this great market. I love all my returning customers and owners, there is nothing better than to see another dog enjoy Brookie’s Cookies! People would say to me do you have a website? You need a website, so I now have a website, and am so excited to share it with the world.

Brooke’s eulogy was beautifully written by her high school principal and I think about it every day: This isn’t your chance to say good-bye, or to make your last farewell. Throughout your life there will be countless ways to honor and remember Brooke. She is not stagnant, she is not frozen in time, she is not gone. She has left an impact on us, forever changed us and will live on within us.

There are so many lessons Brooke taught me about life and so many more I have learned since she has been gone: Never take your health for granted ever! Love and enjoy your family, and most importantly find something you love to do everyday and just do it!

Brookie’s Cookies are truly made with love and I hope your dog loves them as much as Brady.

Thank you,
Susan Haggerty

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